Sourdough starter 101- how to create your sourdough starter from scratch

I love the explanations with each step.

Chef in disguise

olive and rosemary sourdough

Over a year ago we had a daring bakers challenge called (letting nature do the work). The challenge was to make sourdough bread with our very own sourdough starters. Back then the concept of sourdough was totally new to me, it was the middle of the winter here and let’s just say that the out come was less than satisfactory. The challenge ended and I was not motivated enough to maintain my starter. A few of my daring baker friends did however maintain their starters and they took it a step further and started a group called sourdough surprises. Every month they select a theme and use their sourdough starters to bake tempting creations. I have followed their sourdough adventure and with each passing month I keep telling myself, I need to give sourdough another try. However it was not until a post by the wonderfully talented Sally…

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